Alternatives to Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Struggling with large amounts of debt can be overwhelming, and it is a reality that an increasing number of Americans are facing today. In fact, the New York Fed reports that total U.S. debts are steadily increasing, with mortgage balances rising by $162 billion in...

How can I make my home safe on Halloween?

Halloween is a fun night for kids and adults alike. Handing out candy to neighborhood children can be a real treat, provided you take the proper steps to ensure their safety. Consumer Affairs offers some advice on how you can make sure your property is ready for the...

How does SSDI work?

If you receive a workplace injury in Alabama that causes you to become disabled, you will be able to get Social Security Disability insurance benefits if you meet the eligibility requirements. The same holds true for a disabling work-related illness. The National...

How do I improve my credit after bankruptcy?

Dealing with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be stressful, and thousands of people in Texas go through it every year. While dealing with a bankruptcy is stressful, dealing with the aftermath can also be difficult. Depending on circumstances, it is possible for a Chapter 7...

Auto collisions and addiction

Many people know that addictions take various forms, and some can lead to a motor vehicle wreck. For example, those who are addicted to alcohol or drugs (including prescriptions) may be more likely to collide with another vehicle. However, some people neglect to...

What are work credits?

To get Social Security benefits, you need to accumulate work credits in Alabama. For Social Security Disability benefits there is a strict requirement for the number of credits you have to have to qualify to receive benefits. According to the Social Security...

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